Internship Opportunities

Internship at the University of Tartu Museum

The University of Tartu Museum welcomes all active and ambitious students from universities and from vocational schools who are interested in gaining practical training and work experience.

Internship requests can be made throughout the year, but the specific tasks depend on the qualifications of the trainee as well as the internships’ length and on the workplan of the museum. 

In order to request an internship, please submit your CV and a short letter of motivation.

The museum offers training, provides professional guidance and gives the opportunity to see different aspects of the work in the museum.

All internships are unpaid.

Additional information: Jaanika Anderson,

Internship in museum work can be performed in various fields. The focus area of the internship depends on the student’s study field, on the extent of the internship and on the interests of each student.

  • Exhibitions. Have you ever wondered how exhibitions are actually put together? How do the exhibit items get chosen? Who writes the exhibition texts? As the assistant of the curator you will get a good overview of the answers to the aforementioned questions and be given an opportunity to help put together new exhibitions.

  • Collections. Work with collections (art collections, archives, objects and artifacts) consists of studying the museum pieces, describing them and inserting information into the museums database MUiS. When working with the collections, you will gain knowledge of storage conditions and conservation as well as get to do research.

  • Education. Museum offers different educational activities that provide an opportunity to be part of developing and carrying out activities of educational programs, children’s camps etc. This field offers plenty of opportunities to communicate and work in team.

  • Events. There is a variety of events held at the museum that are either for smaller interest groups or aimed at a bigger audience. Each event is carefully planned in order for it to succeed. While planning events, you will get to work in team, put your ideas into action and plan communication activities.

  • Guide work. Guiding excursions is not merely a presentation of a studied text. During the guiding internship you will get to help work out new excursions as well as carry out already existing ones. This internship provides you knowledge in customer service and helps to improve your interpersonal and presentation skills.

Translation internship

Museum and its services are aimed at different people. In order to overcome language barriers, the exhibition texts, study materials, the museum’s webpage and other texts introducing the museum are translated mostly into English, German and Russian but also into Finnish and Latvian. The translation internship is a good opportunity to practice translating texts that include different terminology and to gain experience in teamwork and in time management.

Marketing and communication internship

This internship focuses on the museum’s public relations and marketing. Throughout this internship you will get to know how a marketing communication plan is developed and carried out, how social media platforms and webpages are managed and you get to solve other daily or urgent tasks and problems. Conducting visitor surveys is also an option.

Internship in sales and product development

The museum shop offers unique and fascinating products that introduce the University Museum and its collections and activities. This internship provides opportunities to develop museum’s sales activities and to participate in the product development.