Päikesevaatlus tähetornis

The Old Observatory organises regular events for astronomy enthusiasts, families and individual visitors. Find your favourite and come visit us!

Observation nights

Vaatlus tähetornis

Tartu Old Observatory holds open observation nights. Please contact the observatory for specific dates and times.


Tähetorni ekspositsioon

The time when astronomers studied the seemingly endless expanses of space here is over, but the wish to bring light into darkness lives on. Inspired by this spirit, Old Observatory introduces an interactive permanent exhibition which contains both seasoned old and innovative new artefacts.

The University of Tartu Museum

Old Observatory is a branch of the University of Tartu Museum - take a look at the history of science and university education from the 17th century to the present day and experience the rich legacy of the University and explore its tales of science, art, astronomy, medicine and student life!