The Telescope Comes to Visit 2014

The project “The Telescope Comes to Visit” was initiated in 2012 by geographer and amateur astronomer Sven-Erik Enno who visited ten schools around Estonia with his telescope and a video lecture. In 2013, Sven-Erik Enno and the Old Observatory organised the project for a second time; however, this time the video lecture was replaced by an educational programme and followed by an observation. Due to large interest, we visited another ten schools in April–May 2014. The project is supported by Estonian Research Council.


From Pipe to Rocket: An Introduction to Technology

The aim of the project is to introduce 7–9 grade students to technology. The project resulted in an e-course on Moodle, which teaches us the interdisciplinary theories associated with building a rocket. The practical output is a flying rocket made by the students. The rockets of the first graduates flew into the sky at the end of May last year. The project is supported by the Council of Gambling Tax.



Old Observatory educational programmes

In 2013–2014, the Council of Gambling Tax supported the procurement of materials for the educational programmes held for general education schools. Their support has enabled us to organise 150 programmes for schools all over Estonia.




TeeMe project “Astronomy and the Scientific World View: video lectures, observations and planetarium lessons”

In 2011–2013, the project “Astronomy and the Scientific World View: video lectures, observations and planetarium lessons” included Old Observatory astronomy lectures, observations, three science camps for middle school and high school students, and training sessions with planetarium operators and observation supervisors. The TeeMe project was especially important in firing up the activity-calendar of the Old Observatory since it helped us become a contemporary centre for school astronomy with the right experience, knowledge and equipment. The participants of the science camps and courses can now be found in Tartu Nature School, Tartu Observatory, AHHAA Science Centre, Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre and Pärnu Nature and Technology House.