Preservation and conservation

The Fraunhofer Refractor

The Fraunhofer Refractor was restored in 1993 by Enno Ruusalepp and Matti Pehk. The metal parts were taken to Tõravere, the large wooden parts were restored in the Observatory. The missing details were not made.

In 2009 and 2011, the Fraunhofer Refractor was restored again for the opening of the Old Observatory exhibition. The restorer was internationally renowned Paolo Brenni. The condition of the telescope was reasonably good before the restoration. In time, parts of the telescope, such as the clock weights, the ocular and the lights, have gone missing.

In the first phase of the restoration process in May 2009, the instrument was disassembled and all of its parts, even the tiniest ones, were marked so it could be reassembled correctly. Special tools were constructed to help take apart the telescope. In the second phase of the restoration in February 2011, the metal and wood parts were cleaned. The mahogany veneer was restored, the wooden parts coloured and varnished. After that the telescope was put back together. The missing parts were not constructed this time either.

Fraunhoferi restaureerimine

Conservation centre Kanut

In 2010–2011, 47 objects were restored in the conservation centre Kanut in order to prepare for the opening of the Old Observatory exhibition. Seasoned conservation specialists improved the condition of the objects so they would be presentable for the exhibition. They cleaned them, polished them, refreshed their surfaces with varnish, colour or wax, repaired small details, filled chinks, fixed the construction, etc. Most of these objects can be found and admired on display in the Old Observatory exhibition.

For more information on conservation and preservation check the homepage of University of Tartu Art Museum.