Planetarium shows

Find out about the constellations and the movements of night sky in our small planetarium. Planetarium shows have to be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance by e-mail

Information concerning the prices.

The ZKP-2 planetarium, which was finished in 1986, is Estonia’s only optical-mechanical planetarium. All newer planetariums use digital projectors, which give a different experience. The Old Observatory’s apparatus is not computer-conducted so each show is unique.


Thematic shows in the planetarium:

What We See in the Night Sky

“What we see in the night sky” gives an overview of the Moon, planets, starts, galaxies and their observation with the naked eye, binoculars and telescopes. We’ll introduce orbital mechanics and the current status of contemporary astronomy.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


Estonian sky

“Estonian sky” discusses the stars and their appearance in folklore and tells us what country-folk used to think and know about stars.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


The stars in literature and film

“The stars in literature and film” offers a look into the places where science fiction writers have taken their stories. We’ll find out which constellations and stars are the most popular places to find extra-terrestrial civilizations in sci-fi.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


Belief in the stars

During “Belief in the stars” you can observe the constellations of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. We’ll hear about the Ancient Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, Asian, Australian and North American myths about constellations and find out more about the history of researching the astronomical objects of the southern sky.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


Expansion of the astronomical world view

The planetarium show “Expansion of the astronomical world view” discusses how peoples’ knowledge about the size of the Universe and the astronomical objects of space has changed and developed through time, from Creation to the Big Bang.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


The night sky through the ages

“The night sky through the ages” takes us through the history of astronomy, from Ptolemy to Friedrich Wilhelm Struve. The show explains how we have acquired our contemporary knowledge about the movement of celestial bodies.

The show is available in Estonian and English.


Also check the leisure time programmes of the University of Tartu Art Museum and the main building of the University of Tartu Museum on Toome Hill.