Educational programmes

The Old Observatory offers kindergarten and school groups guided tours, educational programmes and planetarium shows.

The tours give an overview of the history of astronomy and the Old Observatory as well as the main instruments and research objects of astronomy.

The educational programmes complement and help liven up astronomy, physics, natural science, physical geography and math lessons. We offer programmes for children of different ages, from kindergarten to high school.

The planetarium shows introduce the planets and constellations. You can also book thematic planetarium shows, which discuss the myths connected to constellations and celestial bodies, the depiction of space in literature and films, and the broadening of the astronomic picture we have of the world.

For real enthusiasts we organise children’s camps and an astronomy youth club Reegulus (Regulus).

The educational programmes last approx. 60-90 minutes and cost 3-4 € per student.

For more information and booking call +372 737 6932 or write to us at