Tartu Old Observatory invites you to enrich your mundane schoolwork in a historical environment with exciting activities using original astronomy equipment and models.

We offer kindergarten and school students:


Educational programmes

Our educational programmes are complementary to the curriculums of natural science, physics, mathematics and physical geography.

The price of the programmes is 2-3 € per person.


Guided tours

The guide introduces the exhibitions and history of the Old Observatory during a 45–60 minute tour. If the weather is nice you can also access the balcony of the Observatory. In case of school groups the guide will try to take into account the age and curriculum of the students.

The price of the tour: tour guide service + tickets per person
Students and seniors in Estonian: 15 € + tickets


Planetarium shows

The planetarium is a theatre built to simulate the night sky. The Old Observatory holds planetarium shows in a special room with a dome-shaped ceiling. The night sky is projected onto the ceiling and you can observe the realistic movement of celestial bodies in the heavens. We offer different themed planetarium shows, including programmes linked to history and literature.

The price of the planetarium ticket is 2 € per person.



School groups can book a visit for astronomical observing. The observation lasts up to 1.5 hours. The observation does not include a tour of the museum and will only take place on evenings with clear skies.

The price of the observation: kindergarten and schoolchildren 2.5 €, two adults leading the group for free, additional adults 2.6 €.

Also check the educational programmes of the main building of the UT Museum on Toome Hill, the Crazy Scientist’s Office and the UT Art Museum.