Birthday programmes

Celebrate your birthday in the Old Observatory!

A birthday in the Observatory lasts 2.5 hours and encompasses a lot of new knowledge, hands-on activities and sportive competitions.

Currently we offer the following themes for birthday parties:

A Trip to the Moon

The Moon is not made of cheese. It contains dust and rocks and its surface is full of craters. Where did these craters come from and what are they like? We’ll use the help of pictures, videos, and a map and globe of the Moon to discover the different craters of the moon, after which everyone can sculpt their own personal crater, space rocket or astronaut. The programme is suitable for all Moon enthusiasts starting from kindergarten.

The Solar System

During the Solar System programme we’ll find out why Pluto is no longer a planet, why a comet has a tail and what can be found in the Solar System we call home. Everyone can construct a model of a planetary system, either the one around our star or a different one. The programme is suitable for all astronomy enthusiasts starting from primary school.

Spaceship Factory

Perhaps it will be a space machine of your making that will take us to Mars, Neptune or some of the furthest stars. Come and let your imagination fly! Construct a unique space machine out of the materials at hand. We won’t be able to send it all the way to space but perhaps it will at least make it to the ceiling. The programme is suitable for all construction enthusiasts starting from primary school.

A Hunt for Knowledge

In case of cold rainy weather

Do you know what the Observatory does or what exciting names the objects hidden within these walls have? The birthday teams on a hunt for knowledge will find answers to these questions and many more. You better be observant and quick because the best teams get prizes!

In case of warm sunny weather

Toome Hill and its surroundings contain many monuments of scholars and statesmen. Can you name them all by heart? Do you know where they are located and what they look like? Once you’ve found them, can you recognise all the buildings on Toome Hill by seeing only a small detail of them? The aim of this photo hunt is to match a photo detail with the right monument. The programme is suitable for all keen-eyed open air enthusiasts starting from the 2nd level of middle school.

Practical information

  • The room can accommodate up to 20 children or adults

  • You have to organise your own catering

  • The children should wear comfortable clothing

  • The price of the birthday party is 110 €.

  • You can add a planetarium show (30 minutes) to the programme for 2 € per person

For more information and booking call +372 737 6932 or write to us at

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