The Astronomy Club Reegulus

The Old Observatory awaits students from grades 3–5 who are interested in astronomy and the Cosmos to join the children’s club Reegulus.

In the Club:

  • we will discover and discuss different astronomical phenomena and space apparatuses

  • construct models and use real telescopes for observation

  • watch films and make new friends

The aim of the astronomy youth club is to provide theoretical knowledge through practical activities and visual aids. We’ll spend time in the planetarium and its different programmes and take our telescopes both inside and outside.

The Club’s goal is to develop children’s creativity through construction, sculpting and drawing. We’ll make a planisphere, a model of the Solar System, a model of the Galaxy, space apparatuses and much more. We’ll try to draw celestial bodies, at first with the help of pictures and later from the sky during observations. We’ll sculpt Moon craters and Mars volcanoes out of modelling clay.

The Club operates once a week from September to May in the Old Observatory (Lossi 40). The next season of the club starts in the beginning of September 2014.

The Club membership costs 10 € per month.

For more information and registration call +372 737 6932 or write to us at