Upcoming exhibitions

Astronomy before telescopes

From April 2017

From the beginning of time, humankind has looked up to the heavens in search of a greater meaning: what was the beginning and what will be the end, where have we come from and where are we going? If today these questions are at least in part answered by the telescopes, satellites and computers that measure the depths of the heavens in detail, then our forefathers had to use much simpler and creative means to study the heavens. Their conclusions ranged from magical to surprisingly accurate.

The knowledge gained from the heavens influenced cultures everywhere from the ancient Aztec civilisation to our Estonian ancestors. The exhibition, due to open in April 2017, will give a glimpse into the knowledge our ancient ancestors gathered and believed in. The exhibition and the accompanying programme will try to answer various questions, such as whether there really is a Man or a Rabbit on the Moon, why you should never look directly at the Sun, when is the best time to dig your horseradish and why is Ancient Aliens the most watched show on Viasat History.